Kayla and Nick
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Kayla Morgan and Nick Swift

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Broken Up.

The best boyfriend in the world!
Kayla to Nick
Kayla and Nick (or Nayla) is the friendship/romantic/rival paring of Kayla Morgan and Nick Swift. They were dating, but then Nick broke up with her, claming he needed 'space'.

They are portayed by Dove Cameron and Mike Manning.


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It starts off in her room, and her friends, Pia and Lindsay, ask Kayla how Nick would like her dress. Then she remembers Nick and gets ready for the competition

After the competition, they congratulate each other, because they both won first place in that month's competition. Then when Nick kisses her on the cheek, Kayla's dad gives her a death glare, and Kayla tells Nick not to worry about him, he's just overprotective and doesn't want her to get hurt, and tells him he's the best boyfriend ever.. Then he della her too bad, cause its gonna hurt when I beat you to the resort and Kayla and him rode away.

Kayla beats Nick to the resort, then they see Will, pushing around a dog on a sled. Nick says that its sad how he has to push around tourist dogs all dogs all day, cause he was a legend in the making. Kayla says that she feels bad for him. They both ride to the resort.


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