Styling isn't just a skill. It's an art.

Kayla Morgan
Biographical Information
Full Name

Kayla Morgan


Daddy´s Little Girl




January 15th, 1996

Resides in

New York City


High School Student


Hot Doggers
Team Swift (formerly)

Physical Description
Hair color


Eye color


Personal Information

Richard Morgan (father)
Madeleine Morgan (mother)


Will Cloud (Boyfriend)
Nick Swift (Ex-Boyfriend)


Pia (Best Friend)


Sebastian Swift
Skye Sailor (Formerly)


The Hotdoggers


Being Kicked Out
Giving Up
Being Tricked

Production Information
Portrayed by

Dove Cameron

Kayla Morgan is the main protagonist in Cloud 9. Kayla is a determined teen who enjoys snowboarding and fashion. Kayla enjoyed being on Team Swift until finding out she got kicked out and her competitions were rigged. Kayla tries to prove that nothing's impossible and proves everyone wrong.

Kayla is portrayed by Dove Cameron


Will Cloud (Kayla's Love Interest/Boyfriend)Edit

Main article: Kayla and Will

Both are the ones who interact the most. Will helps Kayla to win but Kayla feels too pressured for him but later helps him. They both trust each other a lot and work at the kennel. Kayla is too high strung for Will but tries to show her the Cloud 9. Both are very interested in snowboarding. No proof is seen of them dating except when they kiss, but it is a possibility or just a crush (mutual). Will inspires Kayla to learn new lessons. Kayla is excited to work with Will. They started out as enemies but later became the closest. Both work a lot more than any other pairing in the movie. Kayla can sometimes annoy Will but he gets used to it. Kayla sees Will's video and is shocked at the fall and inspires him to get on his feet. Both inspire other people.

Nick Swift (boyfriend to Skye and ex-boyfriend to Kayla)Edit

Nick Swift was Kayla's ex-boyfriend who supposedly loved her very much until he dumped her because she wasn't a good rider like Skye and she was distracting him from his riding. Because of this, Kayla gets trained by Will to prove to Nick that she isn't useless and she's talented at riding her snowboard. Nick later tells Kayla the truth about his father making him get Kayla kicked off the Swift Team. He seems very proud of her win.

Skye Sailor (possible former enemy)Edit

Kayla is jealous that Skye is better than her in snowboarding and tries to prove herself. On the other hand, Skye later acknowledges that Kayla is a great snowboarder and does seem to worry greatly when Kayla is in the avalanche. Skye sees that Kayla is trying to do the cloud 9 and when Kayla did the cloud 9 she got very jealous because Kayla is now better than Skye Sailor.


I Am In This 100%. I Don't Care What Nick, My Dad, Or Anyone Else Thinks. I Just Need You To Believe In Me.

Will: It's too dangerous! Kayla: For Me Or For You?

It Takes No Fear.

Nothing's Impossible!

Styling Isn't Just A Skill, It's An Art.

I'm a fake! And everyone knows.

How do you like your "space"?


  • Kayla is the only person to master the Cloud 9. Other than Will, who did it at his practice run.
  • She is the current "Fire and Ice" Girls Champion, earning a perfect score for her Cloud 9 move.
  • Will said she spends more time styling outfits then she does practicing board techniques.
  • Kayla enjoys color and making everything bright.
  • She enjoys giving makeovers.
  • Kayla has been described as a "Bargain Hunting Machine".
  • She is the only person to snowboard down Tyson's Peak successfully.
  • Her father owns a resort.


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